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When are we going to get enough sleep

The WEB site of

Shahar, Julia, Rimma and Eilon

Welcome to our home in the Internet. You our invited to navigate in it and find out about us and our general interest.

Our real home is located in Beer-Sheva, in the Negev at the south of Israel. You are invited for a small pictorial tour.

Shahar joined us on July 19, 2001. He is already five year old, but his site is still not ready yet. He is furiously interested in anything around him and on his way to demolish the house. Some people swear they saw him with sandals the day he was born and some already saw his beard. And one important detail, he is a copy of his sister since the day he was born. He is quick at learning and can already write his name.

Pitz, of course, is an important part of the family since we are all extremely fond of him. He was found running in the streets and given to us by friends who went for a couple of years to Canada. He was named after Pelizaeus-MerzbacherSince he is not interested in computer he doesn’t have more space in this web page.
Lulu is a newcomer, she also was found in the street by Julia after a car accident, her thigh was broken and she has a shelter in our home now.

Six years ago we managed to set up the project of Beit Hagalgalim in the South of Israel, and we run now five groups of handicapped children with five groups of volunteers, all in all about 80 children and volunteers that go on weekends to kibbutz Ourim in the south of Israel.
Our semi official Web site is already operating, and even without a password you can have a glimps to our project.

If you are looking at cats try not to scare them because Eilon and Rimma are allergic to them.

We are very fond of traveling abroad and in Israel with our small Jeep. We wouldn't miss an opportunity.

We will be glad to get your feedback: